How to Add a User Interface for Post Formats in WordPress 3.5

How to Add a User Interface for Post Formats in WordPress 3.5
Edda Battle

Post formats were introduced in WordPress 3.1 to offer micro-blogging functionality in WordPress. Despite it being there, most beginners have no clue on how to use it. Reason: Because it is not as prominent as it is in on Tumblr. WordPress has a user interface to publish a post in different format however the tiny radio button meta box can use improvement. Alex King, a well-known WordPress Developer and plugin author, along with his team at CrowdFavorite, has worked on providing a solution to this. He developed a user interface for post formats to include in his own projects and was kind enough to release that code to the community. In this article, we will show you how to add UI for Post Formats in WordPress 3.5 using the Post Formats UI tool.

How to Add the WordPress 3.5 Media Manager Interface
Margaret Vargas

What is the media upload popup interface? That is simply the popup window that appears when we click on the Add Media button (for adding images and video) while in the Edit Post screen. The same interface is also currently being used for – Setting featured images in posts, and Setting header images in a theme. It can also be very useful in a plugin. For example, my Shiba Gallery plugin uses the Media Upload Interface to assign a default picture for posts and pages that do not have […]

How to Add Post Formats to a WordPress Theme
Katrina Maldonado

To add support for post formats in your WordPress theme, you first need to add the function call to your Theme Functions (functions.php) template. After you follow these few steps, there is some magic that will occur on the Add New Post page on your WordPress Dashboard. But first, follow the steps to add post formats support in your theme:
Josephine Harrison

This plugin comes bundled with the D3 and C3 JavaScript libraries for chart rendering, the webui-popover library for comment rendering and the MathJax library for rendering of math equations in a web browser. D3 ( is distributed under the BSD license, MathJax ( and dropcap.js ( under the Apache license v2.0 , C3 ( and webui-popover ( are distributed under the MIT license .

WordPress Post Formats Explained: What They Are and How You Can Use Them
Marianne Foster

Although this plugin hasn’t been updated for some time, it does provide a service which might be useful to some. It allows you to change the post format for all posts in a particular category. This is useful if you switch from a theme that supports post formats from one which does not, or vice versa. With this plugin you can quickly go back to the default post format or change to a different one without having to edit the posts individually.

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