How to Add a Theme Demo Bar in WordPress

How to Add a Theme Demo Bar in WordPress
Kit Suarez

WordPress Theme Demo Bar is a quick and easy solution. However, there are other more advanced and complicated ways to display a theme demo bar. You can manually create a floating top menu bar or use some other plugin to do the job. While theme demo bar is mostly targeted for theme shops that are selling commercial WordPress themes, you can easily use it in a portfolio style theme as well to showcase your work. The advantage of a theme demo bar solution is that you can use a single site to display all of your themes rather than creating multiple demo sites. If you are using a theme demo bar using some other method, please let us know in the comments below.

How to Add a Live Demo to Your WordPress Theme
Mary Mann

Some companies offer website visitors the ability to change a WordPress theme, demonstrating potential themes that support a specific theme or aid in viewing content. Providing such a feature also helps visitors decide which design they want to see when they visit the website. Adding a demo of themes also helps the vision-impaired, who may not be able to read your website using its default theme. To enable live demonstration of themes for your WordPress website, install the WordPress Theme Demo Bar plugin.

Primary Menu
Jackelyn Cooley

Now this URL would be showing with Demo Bar showing theme switcher, you can move back using the ‘close’ button. It automatically picks themes from your themes directory and by using theme switcher drop down box one can preview your themes (including child themes). More of its features are discussed on its download page.

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