How to Add a Slide Panel Menu in WordPress Themes

How to Add a Slide Panel Menu in WordPress Themes
Lorena Silva

I am searching high and low for a plugin or the ability to implement the type of menu you have currently running at the top of your page. You have a “Play” button on the right side of your header. Upon pressing it a content area slides out from your header section. I really want to use this type of menu in my site. If you could point me even to a link where this type of menu is explained I’ll take it from there and thanks. This is an awesome tutorial!

How to Add More Navigation Menus to Your WordPress Theme
Dana Cooper

This is where you need to decide where you’d like to place your menu. If you’d like your menu to appear at the top of your page, you’ll need to edit the ‘header.php’ file. You can also put it in your footer which means you would edit the ‘footer.php’ file. You can even display a menu on a page by editing its template file or to a sidebar, editing its ‘sidebar.php’ file.
Brinda Keegan

When planning the structure of your menu, it helps to think of each menu item as a heading in a formal report document. In a formal report, main section headings (Level 1 headings) are the nearest to the left of the page; sub-section headings (Level 2 headings) are indented slightly further to the right; any other subordinate headings (Level 3, 4, etc) within the same section are indented even further to the right.

Add a Sliding Panel to WordPress Themes: 5 Plugins
Veronique Schweitzer

There are many ways to display dynamic content on your website. Many webmasters choose to rely on a sliding panel to show widgets, social share buttons, and other content. You could always code it yourself or use these plugins to add a sliding panel to your site:

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