How to Add A Shortcode in WordPress?

How to add a shortcode in a WordPress website?
Mikaela Werner

But do not fill your post with too many shortcodes that are time-consuming to execute. For examples, if you make a post with too many video and slider embeds and other visual features, the post will take a lot of time to load. But the same cannot be said in the case of pages. In web pages, you need to have multiple features which could only be achieved with shortcodes. But try to use as minimum as you can and try to follow a specific layout. By following a specific layout, you can hard code it so that the codes get executed automatically without function calling feature in between the execution which is the case when we use a shortcode.

How to Add a Shortcodes User Interface in WordPress with Shortcake
Eula Moore

If you are developing a WordPress site for a client, then it’s likely that you will have shortcodes for your clients to use. The problem is that many beginners don’t know how to add shortcodes and if there are complex parameters involved, then it’s even more difficult. Shortcake provides a solution by adding a user interface for shortcodes. In this article, we will show you how to add a user interface for shortcodes in WordPress with Shortcake.
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