How to Add a Privacy Policy in WordPress

How to Add a Privacy Policy to Your WordPress Site
Ruth Todd

These laws and many others all have reach far beyond the country they originate in. Since your WordPress website is accessible to users around the world, you’ll need to comply with these laws by having a Privacy Policy posted, regardless of where you’re personally located.

How to Add a Privacy Policy in WordPress
Faustina Sadler

If you’ve never looked into the matter, you may be surprised to discover how much data is automatically collected on your site, even if you aren’t proactively gathering emails or payment information. What elements you’ll need to include in your privacy policy will depend on your individual site, and there are resources that can help you find out what those are.

How to add a privacy policy in WordPress
Cristina Cox

The website provides a great tool to create a privacy policy with clean and stylish design. Once you enter and save the required information, it automatically creates two versions of the privacy policy: 1) simple version (as shown below) that is optimized for easy-reading and 2) complete version that includes more detailed legal information. The website offers both free and paid services. To learn how to integrate the privacy policy created by Iubenda into your WordPress website, click here.

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