How to Add a Printer Friendly Option to Your WordPress Posts

How to Add a Printer Friendly Option to Your WordPress Posts
Traci Fleming

Often users want to print articles they find interesting. By default, WordPress itself and most WordPress themes would print your page as it is, with all the graphics, colors, and text in sidebars. In this article, we will show you how to add a printer friendly option to your WordPress posts.

How to Add a Print Option to WordPress Posts
Mary Mann

This is a very simple settings page. You will see a Print Label text box. Simply type what you want your Print button to say. I would recommend using “Print” since it is universally understood and very common. You can then decide what size you want the print icon to be. The next option is the color of the icon, but remember to choose a color that makes the print icon visible on your website. Next, you need to decide where it is located. You can either put a print option before the content, which means at the top of the page or after the content, which is the bottom of the page. Choose the alignment of the prints on your website and feel free to add any extra CSS styling that you feel are appropriate. Click on the “Save and Activate” button once you are done.

How to Make Sure Your Site Is Printer-Friendly and How to Enable It In WordPress
Santana Quigley

This plugin adds a print button to any page or post on your site. When the visitor clicks on the button, the option to print the content loads in a lightbox where they can customize the options and choose whether to print the page or save it as PDF. They can also remove text or images they don’t want to appear in the printed or saved version as well as change the size of text and images. If they choose to save it as a PDF, the generated file will retain clickable links. It works on both HTTP, HTTPS, and password-protected sites.

WordPress Print Button: How to Add One and Make Your Site Printer-Friendly
Sara Romero

Before going out and getting a new plugin, I recommend checking your dashboard to see if you already have a social sharing plugin installed. Some plugins, like the Shareaholic Social Buttons, already give you a print button that you activate right next to your social sharing buttons. It’s not as clearly noticeable as a regular Print button, but it does the trick.

2 Ways to Make Your WordPress Website Printer Friendly
Loyce Nabors

While using a plugin is faster (and suitable if you need something that just works right out of the box), you may have to give up a little control. Even so, Print-O-Matic is a solid choice if you’re working quickly. It offers a pre-built design that is applied to your WordPress posts and pages, has a lot of functionality, and is frequently updated – so it should work with current installations.

WordPress Tutorials
Kristyn Barrios

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to place Print This Post buttons into WordPress posts and pages. The main reason you’d want to do this is to extend a courtesy to your readers. Many of them still print things they read online and you don’t want them to waste that expensive printer ink just to print your logo and theme as well as the post.

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