How to Add a Parallax Effect to Any WordPress Theme

How to Add a Parallax Effect to Your WordPress Website
Nora Coleman

Advanced WordPress Backgrounds is the free tool for creating parallax background of your own. This plugin will add a special button to your WordPress post editor called by the name of plugin — Advanced WordPress Backgrounds. By clicking this button, you will open the menu for setting up effects on background images. Here you can select the image from a gallery, set parallax type and speed. After making all the selections the shorcode for the parallax effect will be automatically added to your WordPress post.

What is Parallax Effect? Why and How to Use it on Your WordPress Site
Eula Moore

If you opt to use photographs, the images need to be high quality. Beautiful eye-catching images can help give your site a professional and unique appearance. These visuals will create a strong impression on your audience, which in turn will prompt people to remember and return to your site. There are a wide assortment of stock websites that you can download top quality images from. Check out our collection of free and premium stock photo websites where you will quickly find stunning photographs for your parallax backgrounds.

How to Create a Parallax Effect on Any WordPress Theme
Renea Bedford

Today, I will demonstrate how to add the parallax effect to WordPress using any theme. There are multiple ways to add the parallax effect to your WordPress website, but we will focus on the easiest method first. The easiest way is to use a WordPress parallax effect plugin like the Advanced WordPress Backgrounds plugin. This plugin makes it extremely easy to add this effect to pages. Other methods include purchasing a premium theme with the effect built-in or using CSS. The CSS method is quite challenging because it requires a fair amount of HTML knowledge to be properly setup. I will go over both methods.

How to Easily Add the Parallax Effect to Your WordPress Site
Sherita Diamond

If you want to apply the effect to the areas of your choice, you need to use plugins. Although the number is not as big as with the themes, there are still many WordPress parallax plugins that you can try. Here are a few of them from the plugin repository: Parallax Scroll, Easy WordPress Parallax Slider, cbParallax, ML Parallax, MG Parallax Slider, Easy WP Parallax Slider, and Aesop Story Engine.

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