How to Add a Mega Menu on Your WordPress Site (Step by Step)

How to Add a Mega Menu on Your WordPress Site (Step by Step)
Tisa Yeager

Recently one of our readers asked if it’s possible to add a mega menu to your WordPress site? Mega Menus allow you to add multi-column drop down menus to your navigation with rich media such as images and videos. In this article, we will show you how to easily add a mega menu to your WordPress site.

How to create a mega menu on WordPress?
Brittany Wells

A menu plays an important role in any type of websites. The user engagements of a website largely depend on the navigation menu. Having functional and navigable mega menus on your site promises a high level of user engagement and conversion rate. WordPress default system will not let you make such large-sized menus. You must look for other ways to do this. In this post, I will show you how to create versatile menus with the best WordPress mega menu plugin. Follow each step of our guidelines

How to Add Mega Menu in your WordPress Website or Blog (Step by step guide: screenshots included!)
Dianne Hodges

Mega Menu can be added on your WordPress website/blog with the help of WordPress mega menu Plugin. If you search on the internet you can find a large number of WordPress mega menu plugins available. However, one must be very careful while choosing the right one as the perfect WordPress premium plugin need to have varieties of layouts, all the required features, different configuration and customization options, and an excellent support.

How to Add Mega Menu on WordPress Website? (Step by Step Guide)
Jannie Goff

If you are looking to improve the navigation of your WordPress website and upgrade the default menu into something well organized, beautiful, effective and easy to navigate then, you are at the right place. Here, in this blog, we will be discussing a step by step tutorial of how to add mega menu on WordPress website with the help of a WordPress plugin.

How to add Mega Menu on WordPress Website Using AP Mega Menu plugin? (Step by Step Guide)
Kali Stackhouse

A navigation menu is one of the most essential elements for a WordPress website. It is the first thing that your audiences check after entering your website in search of their required contents. So, if the navigator of your WordPress website is boring and clumsy then, it might drive your traffic away in minutes which may result in high bounce rate of your site. However, it does not mean you need to create an extremely fancy menu to keep hold of your visitors. You just need a simple yet informative menu that can hold the links of all your important contents to make your audience engaged on your website.

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