How to Add a Link to Widget Titles in WordPress

How to Add a Link to Widget Titles in WordPress
Renea Bedford

Most WordPress widgets come with an option to set a title for each widget. The widget title is used as a heading for widgets in your sidebar or other widget areas. Recently we showed you how to hide widget title in WordPress. In that post’s comment, one of our users asked us about how they can add a link to widget title to make it clickable. For example, you may have a widget area just to display Google+ “add to circles” widget, and you want to have the title “Add us on Google+” be a link to your Google+ page. In this article we will show you how to add a link to widget titles in WordPress.
Malinda Lumpkin

Could someone please give me detailed instructions for adding links to the widgets titles on my front page?. I am using the Illdy theme. The Widget Title Links plugin does not work! I have tried some snippets and function.php modification codes, but none have worked. I also tried the Code Snippets and HTML Widget Text plugins, but could not figure out how to use them.
I am an absolute novice with website creation and wordpress, and have no experience with coding. So I would appreciate a very “for dummies” type of detailed instruction.

How to Add a clickable Link to Text Widget in WordPress
Dawn Cunningham

If you want to create a link to your affiliate post or another website in your sidebar but don’t know how to make it clickable, use the WordPress text editor to do this — This is Probably the easiest way to get your clickable text link and you don’t even need to write HTML code.

How to Add Links to Your WordPress Widget Titles
Shelley Diaz

With this simple WordPress plugin, you can create clickable WordPress widget titles in just a few easy steps. These title links can really come in handy, such as linking to your social networking profiles, linking to blog posts or pages, linking to other websites, and more.

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