How to Add a Jump Menu in WordPress Admin Area

How to Add a Jump Menu in WordPress Admin Area
Cherelle Delossantos

Do you want to easily jump to specific posts and pages for quick editing in WordPress admin area? Normally if you have a lot of content that you need to frequently update, then it becomes quite time consuming to locate that content in the WordPress admin area. In this article, we will show you how to add a jump menu in WordPress admin area to quickly edit posts and pages.
Classie Dover

The plugin comes with an options page where you can edit the position of the jump bar (top or bottom of the screen, or in the WordPress admin bar), whether or not to use Chosen (which features searching through the drop down!), the background color, font color, link color, border color and the icon and message that optionally get displayed on the left hand side (only when not in the WordPress admin bar), status colors, and many more options.

Modify WordPress Admin Menus to Your Needs
Molly Alvarez

If you hit the button, your menu goes “under construction” and you are free to move the elements around. Drag and drop menu and submenu items and create a menu which suits you the best. Do you want a “New post” link to be right next to “New Page”? You can do that. Actually, you can rearrange elements however you want. You can drag a top level menu item into a submenu and the other way around, so why wouldn’t you have “New Post” item hanging by itself instead of having it into a submenu? It’s your choice.

How to Add Shortlink Menu Item in WordPress Admin Bar
Veronique Schweitzer

In WordPress 3.3, in an effort to minimize clutter, WordPress UI team revamped the admin bar. In the process, they took away a quite useful feature “Shortlink” menu from the admin bar. We’re sure the reasoning probably was that not enough folks utilize that feature however from all the power users we have talked with, they all said they found this feature quite handy. For WPBeginner, we have a branded shortlink (, so we needed this feature badly. We asked the developers of the plugin to add this feature in their plugin because we use them for automatically generating branded short url. When no action was taken, we dugg in the core and it was quite easy to re-add the menu item back. So we added the one line of code, and there we have it. In this article, we will show you how you can add the Shortlink Menu back to your WordPress 3.3 admin bar.

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