How to Add a GDPR Comment Privacy Opt-in Checkbox in WordPress

How to Add a GDPR Comment Privacy Opt-in Checkbox in WordPress
Doris Barrett

Do you want to add a comment privacy optin checkbox in WordPress? European Union’s new GDPR law requires explicit consent for storing user’s personal information. If you have comments enabled on your website, then you need to add a comment privacy checkbox to comply with the new law. In this article, we will show you how to add a GDPR comment privacy opt-in checkbox in WordPress.

[Resolved] Add a GDPR Comment Privacy Opt-in Checkbox
Tasha Martin

Adding CSS:
Ethel Hopkins

Hi guys,
first of all, it is a great theme!
I have an issue with the GDPR Opt in Checkbox that has been added to “default” wordpress. For me it seems that the lighthouse theme is overriding the default WordPress comment form and thus it does not display the checkbox described here:
Yvette Garrett

Mind you, I had a developer from Codable set it up for me, because I’m not that savvy when it comes to backend stuff. Satisfied that it’s doing the trick, though. The ability for folks to selectively opt out of different KINDS of cookies, having the ability to disclose EVERY cookie that infests my site – that stuff is golden. Good luck, my friend.

[Resolved] comment privacy checkbox (GDPR COMMENT PRIVACY OPT IN NOT WORKING)
Livia Jeffery

How do i include the default WordPress GDPR in my comment? It doesn’t show. I have tried to override it in comment.php but still not working.
Christie Morgan

I have a self hosted blog, (through Blue Host), and I am currently using the most up to date versions of Word Press and the Graphy theme. I am updating my blog to make it compliant with GDPR regulations. With its latest update, WordPress has added the comment consent checkbox to the blog comment form to help sites comply with GDPR. However, I don’t see that checkbox in my comment form (even when I visit my blog incognito). Word Press has suggested that a theme could override the default setting for the check in box, and I am wondering if that’s what is happening. Does the Graphy theme have an option for an opt in comment privacy check box, and if not, can that be added? I do not know how to code and am afraid to edit the theme code myself.
Thank you!

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