How to Add a Forum in WordPress with bbPress

How to Add a Forum to WordPress – 6 Best WordPress Forum Plugins
Francie Carver

Forums are a great way to add user generated content to your WordPress site. Whether they’re filled with light-hearted banter or users asking support questions, forums allow your readers to interact with you and others in a two-way dialogue. And here’s the best part: they’re surprisingly easy to add to your site with a WordPress forum plugin.

How to add a forum in WordPress with bbPress?
Carley Jeffrey

After creating a website, you focus on SEO and marketing so that you can get ample web traffic. But once traffic flow becomes constant, the next point of worry is how to sustain the traffic for a long time and how to engage the visitors every day. There are various ways to engage your visitors for long and creating a forum is one of the best ways. You can add a forum in WordPress with bbPress. For any business website or blog, a forum is very important. Forums are useful for creating online communities and interacting with the users to turn them into long-term customers or subscribers.

How to Add bbPress Forum to WordPress Posts as Comments
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As the comments on WPBeginner grew, we tried different solutions, like Livefyre to improve discussions on our site. Many WordPress users want to make comments on their website more social. This is why people try Facebook comments, Disqus comments and now even Google+ comments. Recently we came across a plugin that allows you to add forums to replace comments in WordPress. We liked the idea and decided to test it out. In this article, we will show you how to add bbPress forum to WordPress posts as comments.

How to Use bbPress to Add a Forum to Your WordPress Website
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This is a new project, building a community of women who want to learn from each other, share ideas, and make connections with people of similar interests. There’s also a philanthropic aspect – the community will be supporting children in need – something that the community can do far more effectively than individuals ever could. That’s why I am considering MightyNetworks. Are you familiar with it? Co-founded by Gina Bianchini from NING. I want the members to be able to interact, learn about each other, find each other by location and interest – all things that MightyNetworks offers. But I’m hesitant about building a community on a platform that I don’t control – hence why I’m looking at options like Buddy Press and bbpress. I mentioned that it will be a paid membership site – but the membership fee will be very small and much of it will go toward supporting individual children through an organization like I want my members to be able to submit content, comment, ask questions of each other, make new friends…any ideas are appreciated!

What Is bbPress? How To Add A Forum To WordPress
Elizabeth Roy

While you’re free to use regular WordPress plugins on your bbPress forum, you can also find lots of bbPress plugins that are built specifically to add functionality to the core bbPress plugin. If you want to find such plugins, a good place to start your search is the official bbPress plugin listings. And you can also find other plugins by searching the plugin directory for bbPress:

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