How to Add a Floating Social Share Bar in WordPress

How to Add Floating Social Share Bar in WordPress
Bethany Reynolds

Do you know what is a Social Share Button? The button that ability to display e-commerce purchase on different social media platforms are Social Share Button. This button makes your work easier and faster as contents, blogs shared on your website, will be displayed automatically. It considers and targets the required customers. Sharing on social media is often regarded as the best way to earn currency. The button creates a presence on different social platforms and provides benefits to the site as well. So, it’s really important to Add Floating Social Share Bar.   

How to Add a Horizontal Floating Social Bar in WordPress
Veronica Meyer

Let’s say you include Pinterest on your floating social bar. If a featured image isn’t detected in the blog post people are trying to share on Pinterest, a problem arises. They will attempt to share the post, but no image shows up on Pinterest, which makes the link useless. The Pinterest Image Fallback field lets you paste in a link to an image that can be used if no featured image is available. I would recommend a site logo or something that represents your blog or company.

How to Add Floating Social Share Bar in WordPress – [Plugin]
Dianne Hodges

Being a writer I myself know the importance of the content which bloggers write. Without a proper planning a very sophisticated article may not get that required attention which it may deserve. Often bloggers don’t add a sharing widget to their blog which makes them suffer with a loss. As many people don’t find the site share friendly. Today, I decided to share a  best social media plugin which will help you to increase your social media share counter. It’s actually a floating social share bar which gets fixed with the top of the page once scrolled down. Its a very good solution to get more shares if you do write some cool content because in this way, the social share bar gets into the attention of the user. Lets start the tutorial.

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