How to Add a Flickr Widget in WordPress

How to Add a Flickr Widget in WordPress
Molly Alvarez

Flickr is one of the good old reliable photosharing sites. It has its very own social features and a thriving community of loyal users. Showcasing your flickr photos on your WordPress website is extremely easy. Since flickr supports oEmbed format, you can simply copy and paste a flickr photo URL in a WordPress post, and WordPress will automatically display the photo on that page. Recently one of ours asked us how do you add a showcase of your recent flickr photos in a WordPress sidebar widget? In this article we will show you how to add a flickr widget in WordPress.

How to Add a WordPress Flickr Widget
Glory Ketchum

Flickr Album Gallery has a lot of potential as it also includes shortcodes and a widget for the website. It’s designed to be touch and responsive friendly while being able to add an unlimited number of images to the gallery. Animation effects, design layouts and more are available for the premium plugin should you choose to buy it. However, the free version has a lot of excellent functionality.

How to add Flickr Gallery Widget to WordPress without plugin
Gloria Russell

Flickr is one of biggest photo sharing website. You can easily add flickr gallery into WordPress with all the available Flickr WordPress plugin such Quick Flick Widget or Flickr API widget but today i am going to show you how to add multiple instances Flickr Gallery widget into your WordPress Theme without plugins.
Santana Quigley

“Flickr Album Photostream Profile – Flickr Gallery” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.
Opal Curry

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