How to Add a Dynamic Copyright Date in WordPress Footer

4 ways to Add a Dynamic Copyright Date or Year in WordPress Footer
Lorena Silva

Your website is your reflection to the online world.  It’s responsible for the impression you want to give your audience. Some common mistakes can ruin your persona.  An outdated copyright date is one of the common mistakes that most of the webmasters do.

How to Add a Dynamic Copyright Date in WordPress Footer
Elizabeth Roy

How to add a dynamic copyright date in wordPress footer. Generally you will see a website that has an outdated copyright date which is annoying, but here we will provide solution for this.

How to Show a Dynamic Copyright Date in the Footer of WordPress
Tisa Yeager

You have a lot of options to customize the footer in WordPress. However, the easiest is probably to use a theme with the dynamic copyright already implanted or use a theme with a footer widget area and a shortcode plugin. Either way, your site will look more professional if the copyright date is current. It may mean the difference between someone checking out your content or abandoning your site.

How to Add a Dynamic Copyright Date in WordPress Footer
Xenia Seal

Often you will see a website that has an outdated copyright date which is pretty annoying. There are also sites that only show the current year for their copyright date which is even more annoying because you won’t know how old the site is. There is a simple PHP solution to this that most developers would know, but there is a more elegant way that we will show you. In this article, we will share a function that will automatically generate a copyright date based on the published date of your oldest and newest post.

How to Add a Dynamic Copyright Date in WordPress
Brandi Flores

Let’s study how to add a dynamic copyright date in WordPress footer. WordPress uses themes. The appearance of the footer is determined by the theme too. You should use special settings of your theme to be able to edit the footer. So you can replace the copyright date. If you are using server scripts and the client-computer, you need to transform the file ‘footer.php’. The copyright date will become customizable. It will be updated automatically. You should make a backup copy of the site before doing so. Then you will have the opportunity to correct mistakes. Otherwise, the footer will not load correctly.

Daddy Design Web, WordPress and Facebook Designs
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Almost every website contains some type of copyright notice typically found in the footer. While the copyright notice is not required, it is highly recommended in order to deter potential plagiarists from staking claim to your content. The year should always remain current in order to best protect your content and the best way to achieve this would be by adding a dynamic copyright. In this tutorial we will teach you how to add a dynamic copyright to your footer in WordPress.

Auto Update Copyright Year in a Website Dynamically (2018)
Naomi Pratt

The copyright information is an important element of website design. As the website content is updated, the copyright also needs to be updated with the current year information. However, it is a hassle to remember and update the complete list of websites that you need to maintain. For experienced designers, this mundane task can be fulfilled by adding PHP, JS or HTML code to the website. For the newbies, TemplateToaster, a web design software eases the work considerably. The tool is a comprehensive web design software that provides support for all WordPress plugins. As such it can be used for all the functionality that plugins provide to auto update copyright year information on a website.

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