How to Add a Contact Form Popup in WordPress

How to Create a Contact Form Popup in WordPress
Bess Negron

While we love OM, you can use our forms in any WordPress popup plugin that accepts shortcodes. If you’d like to check out a comparison of paid popup plugins, WPBeginner has a great guide. Or there are a bunch of options in the WordPress free plugin repo as well, you may just need to check into/test out whether they accept shortcodes.
Johanna Colon

This popup contact form allows user to create and add the popup contact forms easily on the WordPress website and it is good to see the contact form on popup. This popup contact form plug-in has many advantages. We can add the image button link or text link in all the pages that popup the contact form. That popup contact form let user to send the emails to site admin. administration page available to manage the site admin email address. and this plug-in use the Ajax to submit the contact form details.

How to Add a Contact Form Popup for WordPress
Mamie Mitchell

Change the date properties to fit your needs. You can alter the label, default to current date, change the format and even modify the display. Because I want the form to date stamp the current day, I am setting it to be required and default to current date. Click the “Done” button on the top corner once your customization is complete.

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