How To Accept Donations With WordPress? – WordPress Donation Plugins

10 WordPress Donation Plugins for Charity, Relief, and Support
Eustolia Fincher

Very nice write-up and we reasoned. I do have one issue regarding Give. You stated “In fact, most non-profits and charities will be fine using the default donation form without any add-ons.”, which really isn’t true. Using Give as a freemium software limits you to standard Paypal only as a payment method. You have to buy plugins or bundles to use any of the other payment gateways, making sticking with the free version only for the smallest nonprofits. If you fall into that category, some of the other choices are much easier to implement and you probably don’t need many of the features.
That said, the pricing isn’t bad and they are by far and away the most robust of the donation software.

How To Accept Donations With WordPress? – WordPress Donation Plugins
Sylvie Britt

In summary, if you want to go for a professional donation form that’s flexible and easy to use, Give should be first on the list. On the other hand, if you are looking for a quick, lightweight plugin with lesser design choices, Seamless Donations and Donorbox will do the job quite well. For tracking and managing multiple campaigns, Total Donations looks to be the best contender for its impressive dashboard.

How to Accept Donations On WordPress: For Non-Profits Or Anyone Else
Ammie Blodgett

These options help control the way the form and other front-end elements appear to users. You can use post types for forms and include featured images and excerpts. Moreover, once you enable tags and categories for forms, it’s easier to keep track of different campaigns. There’s also a section on Terms and Conditions for donating that you can include if you want.

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