BP Group Tasks Management System

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Product Description:

BuddyPress Group Tasks Management System is one of the most effective WordPress tools providing a great deal of useful abilities. The whole development process is under your total control. Create tasks, subtasks and attach them to appropriate projects. Choose responsible people, discuss the tasks if necessary and get perfect results. Improve your management with BP GTM System!

The plug-in BP GTM System helps you in:

  • Creating projects within the group
  • Specifying and activating its functionality for certain groups
  • Creating tasks / subtasks that can be attached to certain project.

Besides BP GTM System gives an opportunity to:

  • Assign tags and categories to any task or project
  • Choose and attach responsible people to appropriate projects and tasks
  • Notify all responsible people about the unfinished tasks.

Moreover BP GTM System can:

  • Attach necessary files to any task, project or comment
  • Control access rights (37 options to customize)
  • Change the template of displaying projects and tasks by placement files within your theme

Integrate with activity stream.

Each user's profile has a page with all projects and tasks the owner is responsible for. Add to this great list some smaller useful features (like ajax where possible and useful) and you will get the perfect plug-in. Just install BuddyPress and enjoy the most efficient project management within your community!

BP Avatar Bubble

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Product Description:

When you want to get necessary information about other users and get it in the fastest way – choose BuddyPress Avatar Bubble. No more additional downloads and unwanted transitions. Just one pointing – and you get what you want!

As you know, all existing social networks have the same inconvenient necessity: when you want to learn some general or specific information about the user, you have to leave the working page and visit his or her profile. In fact sometimes it is very irritating – leaving the current page and waiting until the profile page is downloaded.

BuddyPress Avatar Bubble can easily solve this problem! You do not have to leave the current page anymore. Just move your mouse pointer on a user's avatar and … BINGO! There appears a bubble containing necessary information about the user (information is selected by admin). Stay where you are and save your time with BuddyPress Avatar Bubble!

BuddyPress Friends On-Line

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Product Description:

The message was sent but your friend didn`t get it? Quite natural situation if you are always online (but not your friend). But it can be easily solved with the help of the new BuddyPress plug-in – BP Friends On-Line. Your communication is no longer one-sided!

This useful plug-in displays your friends who are currently online and gives you an opportunity to contact them. The list will be displayed on your own “Friends” page in the form of a tab widget. If you visit the page of your friend you will see his friends who are currently online. The widgets can be located in any place on your site.

Simple at first glance, BuddyPress Friends On-Line is essential on your site. Especially if you take into account the popularity of online communication. Keep an eye on your friends!